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PowerLink Partners Acquires Trident Power

PowerLink Partners announces the successful completion of the acquisition of Trident Power and infusion of growth capital

Houston, TX, January 8, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – PowerLink Partners LLC, a Texas limited liability corporation (“PowerLink”), announced today that it has successfully acquired Trident Retail Energy Company, LLC (dba Trident Power, “Trident”).  In conjunction with the acquisition, PowerLink has also infused Trident with new growth capital earmarked for its stated acquisition strategy.

Trident, an active licensed retail energy provider in Maryland, New York and Illinois, was founded by 20-year industry veteran Michael Osowski who has held previous key executive roles in Green Mountain Energy, Spark Energy, and Oasis Energy (founder).

PowerLink is a holding company operated by experienced capital markets and retail energy professionals for the purpose of acquiring and integrating small to mid-sized retail energy companies and books of business.  PowerLink was founded by commodities and capital markets veteran Trent Stout.

As part of the acquisition, Osowski will become a partner in PowerLink, and will continue to purchase and integrate additional small retail companies and customer books.

“We are excited to announce the completion of this important step in our targeted growth strategy.  Trident immediately provides PowerLink with a first-class operating platform that will form the base of our growing retail energy strategy,” said Osowski and Stout.  “We will continue to aggressively evaluate acquisition opportunities in PJM, ERCOT, NYISO and NEISO.”

With the backing of both institutional and private investors, PowerLink will continue to acquire and integrate additional retail energy companies and customer books.  PowerLink offers a streamlined process with knowledgeable staff in order to quickly evaluate opportunities and perform targeted due diligence.

For more information, please contact:
Trent Stout, Principal, tstout@powerlinkpartners.com, 281-864-1503
Michael Osowski, Principal, mosowski@powerlinkpartners.com, 281-864-1501


Source: PowerLink Partners LLC

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