PowerLink Partners, LCC

PowerLink Partners, LLC is a holding company operated by experienced retail energy professionals for the purpose of acquiring small to mid-sized retail energy companies and books of business. Our acquisition and integration strategy seeks to achieve operational scale and value creation through an efficient evaluation and decision process followed by a best in class operating model.

Powerlink Partners is seeking multiple acquisition targets in PJM, ERCOT, NYISO, and NEISO. We offer a streamlined process with knowledgeable staff in order to quickly evaluate opportunities and perform targeted due diligence. Our transparent valuation dialogue and streamlined decision timeline allow us to move quickly.

Powerlink Partners was founded by retail energy veteran Michael Osowski and global commodities and capital markets veteran Trent Stout. Together, and with the backing of both institutional and private investors, they are well prepared to acquire and successfully integrate additional multiple retail energy companies and customer books.

Powerlink Partners specializes in and is uniquely positioned to efficiently purchase small and mid-sized companies. Powerlink Partners understands the various reasons for consolidation of this market segment, and is prepared to work with you to seamlessly retain company value during the transition process.

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